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Dear Conservative Friend,

The Electoral College vote is just a few days away and many of our military votes still haven't been counted.  Please see the following message from our friends at Pray For US and act on it today!


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Dear Subscriber,
We must put pressure on the Republican State Governors to delay the Electoral College vote.

The election took place more than a month ago but tens of thousands of military ballots have not been counted to this day.

Please send FaxGrams to every GOP Governor right away. Tell them to delay the Electoral College vote until each and every ballot cast by a military member is counted!

Electoral College Vote

There are more than enough military ballots - UNCOUNTED military ballots - still out there to change the outcome of the election in some swing states.

The Democrat Party and the Obama administration have done everything in their power to stop our soldiers from voting.

Until every military ballot is counted, we will not be able to recognize this as a legitimate election.

Tell the Republican Governors to delay the casting of their states' electoral votes until all of the military ballots have been counted.

More than half of the federally mandated military voting stations were not set up in time for the election. This was done intentionally to make it harder for our military members to vote.

The Obama administration intentionally gave the military misleading information, to ensure that absentee ballots were mailed back late.

Absentee ballots were even sent to the military too late, meaning they couldn't possibly be mailed back in time.

This is a gross miscarriage of justice.

It was done to our military intentionally.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. knows that the military doesn't want him to be in charge.

That is why he has done everything he possibly can to make sure their votes don't count.

But the State Governors have the power to delay the vote in their states. They can each delay the casting of electoral votes until the ballot of every soldier, sailor, airman and marine is counted.

Send your personalized FaxGrams to the Republican Governors today. Demand that they delay the Electoral Vote!

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We don't have much time left before the Electoral Vote takes place. It is scheduled for December 17th!

Please send your faxes today.

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